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Andee Frizzell made her small screen debut in 2001, on the SciFi Channel hit,

First Wave starring Sebastian Spence and Roger Cross. From there her career took off, literally, right off the planet, on Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. In 2004, Andee landed the role of a lifetime, The Wraith Queens of MGM’s Stargate Atlantis. 


From other worlds to otherworldly, Andee portrayed the serial killer, Nurse Dolores Glockner, on Warner Bros longstanding hit Supernatural.

     Evolving from one of the undead to hunting that which cannot die, Andee played Abigail VanHelsing, in Neil LaBute’s post-apocalyptic thriller, VanHelsing.


Throughout the years, Andee has cultivated a face for radio and has put her voice to work narrating the American TV series, Fear Thy Neighbor.


Nowadays, Andee divides her time between working in Canada and travelling to warm tropical countries around the globe, where wearing pants and shoes,

is optional.